Narmada’s Calm Oasis: Experience Tranquility at Luxury Houseboat

Nestled upon the serene and meandering banks of the majestic Narmada River, rests the pinnacle of luxury and serenity – an exquisite Kashmiri-style houseboat. Stepping afoot this piece of floating heaven, one is instantly transported to a realm of unparalleled beauty and serenity.

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Poorangalude Pooram aka Thrissur Pooram

Two rows of caparisoned elephants facing each other separated by a sea of humanity is the image that comes to the mind when Thrissur Pooram is mentioned. Even though Kerala celebrates many Poorams from November to May, the grandest of them all though is Thrissur Pooram.

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Aalia Jungle Bandarjudh

Nestled amidst the breathtakingly beautiful Mohand forest range of Rajaji National Park in Bandarjudh, Aalia Jungle Resort is a hidden gem that offers a unique glamping experience that will leave you spellbound. The resort, which is a part of the prestigious Claridges Collection, Mussoorie, is a perfect blend of colonial charm, contemporary style, and simplicity.

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How Bharat put Mumbai on the Tourism Map of India

Article courtesy – Vinayak Talwar who is one of the passionate story tellers at Khaki Tours

This story begins in 2015 when a General Manager of Marketing in a Multi-National Conglomerate decides to make use of his spare time on a holiday. Meet Bharat Gothoskar, founder of KHAKI Tours who took his passion for the lesser-known secrets of his city out to the world and make it one of the most sought-after experiences for tourists visiting Mumbai.

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Soul Travelling – Nature Walks and Offbeat Excursions in Goa

Soul Travelling specializes in curating and exploring Goa in the form of Walking Trails, Explorations, and Culinary Tours. They have about 35+ trails amongst various villages and cites across Goa and have catered to FITs, Groups, Educational institutions, and even a few MICE events.

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B LIVE – E-Bike Cycling Tours

Fun over Fuel! Experience Goa like never before.  Occasions where memories are made. Explore the Unseen. Have a wheel of a time on your E-bike.

Goa may be the country’s party capital but there’s a lot more to the sunshine state than shiny disco balls. The newest way to get to know its charms is B Live curated cycle tours. India’s first e-bike tourism initiative, these tours are promoted by Goa Tourism Development Corporation in partnership with Arcis Tours.

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Once Upon a Time in The History of Cranganor…

A fascination tale of the connection of Cochin Jews with this once bustling port city by our own Tammie Anjali Tolani

They say it was a little Jewish girl singing hymns who greeted St Thomas on his arrival at Shingly. The proof of this hangs on a thin fraying thread involving the appearance of an old testament, a few singing bards, and lilting, cajoling, Hebrew-Malayalam songs sung by young girls and boys. In any case the Jews have been regular visitors to Shingly since the time of Solomon.

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Stories of Independence, Chandni Chowk and Haveli Dharampura


It was Aug 16, 1947 (not Aug 15th) the atmosphere at the Red Fort was very festive. Apart from loud speakers and flags attached to every pole, Thandi Sarak in Chandni Chowk was fenced on both sides, as was the Red Fort – fenced with chairs for dignitaries. People were in a festive mood and the khomche wallahs (street food vendors) did roaring business.

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