10 Offbeat Winter Destinations to Explore in India

Bored of the known and common tourist trails? Wish to explore new places? The offbeat destinations in India award an awe-inspiring experience. Skip the hustle-bustle of cities and luxuriate in unbelievable experiences. Vacations in these lesser-known vicinities of the country are truly remarkable. Dodge crowds, explore the raw natural beauty and exotic cultures and get to endure a plethora of distinct things.
Nowadays, many individuals are looking for destinations off the charted routes. Furthermore, Indian offbeat destinations give the thrill of an exciting yet relaxing getaway but also some cherished memories. Here is a list of 10 offbeat destinations in India that are known for an impressive and captivating experience:

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Why You Should Tie the Knot in Rajasthan

Chances are that if you’re deciding on the location of your destination wedding in India, you’ve definitely considered the option of having a destination wedding in Rajasthan. Rich in royal heritage and culture, Rajasthan has all the elements to create a fantastic wedding experience, filled with grandeur, for you and your guests.

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How To Plan The Perfect Vineyard Wedding

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Savouring a heady mix of wines at a vineyard is, admittedly, an enjoyable activity. But imagine planning your wedding and getting married in a vineyard! From the haldi function to the mehendi to your final vows, picture all your ceremonies taking place in the golden light of this beautiful location. Surrounded by vast vineyards, ripe grapes and a fair amount of fun wine-related activities, your vineyard wedding is sure to be an unforgettable occasion!
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What To Expect From Luxury Wedding Planners in 2019


The constant evolution and growth of the wedding industry ensures that the best wedding planners in India are always kept on their toes with the latest trends.

As Tamarind Global Weddings embarks on the new year of 2019, we’re very excited to see how things will pan out for weddings this year. Here is our list of all the things that luxury wedding planners will be sure to bring to the table when it comes to all your wedding planning requirements!
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Have A Look At These Incredibly Romantic Wedding Locations in Europe


Have you been thinking about having your dream wedding in Europe? Where do you see yourself getting married? Maybe this list of some of the best destination wedding locations will help you decide on where you want your romantic European wedding to take place.
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Have A Look At These Enchanting Wedding Venues in India

Kerala (Have a look at the enchanting..blog) & featured image

A beach wedding in Goa, a royal wedding in Rajasthan or an urban wedding in one of the metros– these are usually the weddings that come to mind when one thinks of a destination wedding in India. However, the Indian sub-continent is vast and diverse in its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. Continue reading “Have A Look At These Enchanting Wedding Venues in India”

Plan The Most Exciting Destination Wedding in Rajasthan!

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Truly a land of royalty, Rajasthan has always been a popular and much-loved wedding destination with its heritage, unique beauty, and undeniable majesty. So it’s no wonder that when it comes to a destination wedding in Rajasthan, all these elements come together to provide the most majestic and royal backdrop for that perfect destination wedding. One can experience the stark beauty of the countryside or gaze at the deep blue waters of a lake whilst their wedding celebrations take place in a timeless heritage palace or fort. The possibilities that Rajasthan has to offer are endless.
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A Destination Wedding in Dubai: What You Need To Know

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Rapidly growing in popularity as a hub for destination weddings, the UAE offers many exotic locations where one can get married in style. A destination wedding in Dubai is definitely on top of the list when it comes to planning a wedding under Arabian skies.
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The Best Destination Wedding Locations to Have Your Dream Wedding!

Abu Dhabi- Cover (The best destination wedding blog)

When it comes to an unforgettable wedding celebration, nothing compares to a destination wedding. It’s a grand celebration of a couple’s love for each other and an adventure for their guests – all rolled into one!

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Top 5 Winter Destinations of India

There is an unspoken desire in each mind to travel the whole country without boundaries. It becomes tricky to control the crazy feet, who desire to travel the planet to live a new life. But, we know! It is remarkably hard when it comes to picking the travel destination, and that too in the month of December, when there is a shift in the seasons, a tilt of an axis and a dip in the temperature. Yet don’t worry! Come winters, and India finds itself preparing for one of the best seasons to explore across the peninsula. Amidst a string of holidays and a list of festivals and fairs, winters in India are marked by vacations to plan your year around, a dreamy beach holiday, hill stations favouring postcard sceneries and its southern tips and deserts embracing all its visitors that had been shying away till now given their generous humidity and temperatures. Here is our list of top five winter destinations in India.


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