The Holiday or Event of Your Dreams With a Little Help from Tamarind Global

How do you put aside the hassles and stress of planning, and just get straight to enjoying an event? Tamarind Global is the answer. Tamarind Global has a complete gamut of services combined with customized planning and execution for your travel, wedding, events and corporate needs.

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Awesome Indian Wedding Destinations

Feeling daunted by the idea of planning a destination wedding? Actually, it’s quite an easy thing to do. Step one: Hire one of the best destination wedding planners. Step two: Share with them the details of your dream destination, and vendors, decorators, caterers of your preference, if any. Step three: Step back and relax as they plan and put together the wedding of your dreams.

One of the key focuses of a destination wedding is the destination of course. Expert planners can navigate through the vast list of the best wedding destinations in India and help the couple to pick the destination to suit their style and dream.


Best Wedding Destinations in India

Synonymous with the laid-back lifestyle and pristine beaches, Goa is the topmost choice for wedding festivities. Right from the pre-wedding shoots at the churches and monuments, a wedding planner can design a fun-filled wedding ceremony with a picturesque backdrop of palm trees and beautiful hillocks. A wedding in Goa comes with lavish parties, dance and music, as part of the joyous celebrations.


How can the love and the romance not flow in the dreamy hill station of Mussoorie with its fantastic view of the Himalayas and tree-covered hills? The tall pine trees, the streams and the stunning waterfalls offer a perfect backdrop for pre-wedding photos. Wedding planning is a ‘cool’ breeze in this stunning location and will pave the way for many happy memories.


Best Destination Wedding LocationFor a royal-inspired wedding, there cannot be a more popular choice than Jaipur. Brimming with majesty, this architecturally rich city is considered to be one of the best wedding destinations in India with several amazing wedding venues. The team of the best wedding planners can plan the various functions to keep the guests and the family entertained throughout the wedding.


Best Wedding Destinations in India

Udaipur is one of the most upbeat and popular wedding locations in India. Known as the ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’, it is a peaceful and romantic oasis with its palaces, lakes, and forts. Udaipur is the right choice of couples who dream of making their special day extra grand and luxurious. From sangeet, mehendi, local music to a boho-style brunch the planners can provide a different theme for each day, complete with planning the attire.


Best Wedding Destinations in India

Like other metro cities in India, Hyderabad has many beautiful gardens and luxury hotels. In the ‘city of Nawabs’, what better than a wedding in ‘Nawabi’ style. The planners can arrange a regal celebration at a palace with grand rituals, outstanding decor for the various functions, and not to forget, the music and lots of dancing. The couple can enjoy lavish wedding themes on lawns, gardens or banquet halls.

Enjoy a wedding with cousins and family members from all over the world at one of the best wedding destinations in India. Discuss everything with the planner before getting down on one knee to pop that important question to your beloved, “Will you marry me?”

Wedding Decisions That Must Be Adhered

A wedding day is a special moment for the bride and the groom who have decided to make a life-changing decision in front of the people they love and care about. They have planned together for months about a few wedding basics which they must follow to make their ‘best day’ a huge success.

Wedding Basics
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Emerge Unscathed From The Wedding Drink Session

We’ve all made that promise to ourselves when we feel the world is our enemy and we can’t talk to another human: Not another drop for me. But that’s a politician’s promise and come wedding season, we’re back at clinking glasses and toasting to the couple’s and everyone’s happiness.

Hangover Kit

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How A Calm And Cool Bride Can Win The Day

It’s the beginning of the rest of your life and you can be forgiven for a few nerves. But remember, a wedding is one of your most special days and the best way to approach D-day with a relaxed, happy mind. So, lock that bridezilla in the closet and you will have already taken the first step to happy memories.

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Get Ready And Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday

Don’t you sometimes come back from a vacation feeling you could take another break to get you over the stress of this one? Might we volunteer a little word? It’s planning. And because most people freak out at the thought of planning for a vacation, we have a few easy pointers that will help you cruise through your holiday.

Pack Light And Smart

Pack Light And Smart

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10 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

We bet the function you’re looking forward to the most is your wedding reception – who doesn’t want to eat drink and dance without all the emotional sappiness of it all? To have a blast at your celebrations you must incorporate personal, fun and unique touches to keep guest smiling and thinking about it days after it’s over. Get a surge of inspiration by our favorite reception ideas listed down below.

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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5 Ways to Cutting up Your Wedding Costs Effectively

Weddings are huge and extravagant affairs. Some people even spend their entire lives earnings to spend on their or their children’s weddings. And, as weird as that might sound, it is true. But wouldn’t it be great if so much money is not wasted on a day’s event, and instead, used on something more relevant?

That is why, we decided to get you a list of things you can actually put into practice and save up on your wedding expenditure.

1. The Venue


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Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most significant days in your life. This is the day you and your partner tie the knot and vow to be by each other’s side “till death does you apart”. It definitely could qualify as one of the happiest days too. In fact if it isn’t you might have some reconsidering to do. Now that being said, along with happiness marriage most definitely brings along the winds of change and adjusting to your new life could be quite a task. Hence it only makes sense that you ensure the night before your wedding night is your most memorable one. That’s why we decided to do you ladies a favour and put together some of the craziest and most unique ideas to put an end to that spinster lifestyle.


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Finding Moments of Stillness? Here are a Few Places You Must Visit

In today’s fast paced life, one often finds himself/herself struggling to find a few moments of calm. With long work hours, unrealistic deadlines, maddening traffic and growing family pressure, peace of mind might start to feel like a phrase from the past. Now if you live in a metropolitan city then you would know exactly what we’re talking about. The lack of simplicity and the abundance of chaos always leave you longing for some R&R (Relaxation & Rejuvenation in this case), far away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

Top 5 most peaceful travel destinations | Tamarind Global, Tamarind Global, Peaceful travel destination

Here are some of the most peaceful travel destinations, you could consider when you finally start to plan that much needed vacay.

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