Hit by Long COVID? You Might Want to Read this Article


Mahesh Natarajan COO Ananda in the Himalayans tells us how the new program at Ananda might be the answer to Brain Fog and reduced Immunity

Sama dosha Sama agnischa Sama Dhatu Mala Kriyaahal
Prasanna atma indriya manaha swastha iti abhideyate ||
An individual who maintains a balanced state of the body, blissful condition of soul, satisfied senses and a happy state of mind is Swastha or a healthy person
Sushruta Samhita, Chapter 15, verse 41

Ananda is a journey of discovery, creating pathways of learning into holistic health and wellness. Years of research by Ayurvedic, Yogic and international wellness experts have enabled Ananda to create a unique integrated focus on physical, mental, and spiritual elements which guide their guests on a sustainable journey towards a healthier, enriched lifestyle.

Last 2.5 years have been devastating for several people on account of Covid; this seemed to have affected different people in different ways depending on the vulnerable aspects of their bodies.

Many of them continue to experience symptoms of COVID-19 and do not fully recover for several weeks or months after the start of their symptoms. That is what is understood to be Long Covid; about one in five people have symptoms of long Covid 5 weeks after an initial infection and one in seven after 12 weeks, a survey suggests.

People with long Covid experience a confusing array of persistent and fluctuating symptoms. Long Covid has gained prominence in recent months, with some individuals reporting from milder symptoms such as headaches, reduced ability to smell, reduced ability to taste, and fatigue to more severe conditions including respiratory system, sleep disorders, pain, cognitive impairment and other neurological manifestations.

Ananda in the Himalayas has created a special offering for those who have been impacted with Long Covid, and Ayurveda is the driver for this program.

As we all know by now, any disease is the result of imbalanced Dosha and Dushya which happens due to Low Immunity. Post Covid, not only is there tissue depletion but also a weakened digestive fire.

The program offering at Ananda starts with a thorough psychosomatic assessment by Ayurvedic physicians followed by a comprehensive treatment process through Ayurvedic therapies, Diet, herbal medicines and supplements, yoga asanas and pranayama.

Yoga, Pranayama and Vedanta supplement the Ayurvedic intervention which essentially involves 3 Phases.

Phase 1 Day 1 to Day 6: Focuses on restoring the digestive fire and improving the body strength.

Phase 2 Day 7 to Day 13: Focusses on enhancing strength of the tissue systems of the body.

Phase 3 Day 14 to Day 21: Focusses on enhancing and maintaining immune mechanism and life span.

After the 21 day Program, guests can expect the following outcome:

  • Improved digestion and metabolism
  • Better absorption of nutrients leading to nourishment of further tissue levels.
  • Increased energy levels and stamina
  • Better lung capacity
  • Clarity in neurological and cognitive functions.

If you suffer from any of the established Long Covid symptoms, do connect with your Tamarind Global account manager to understand if the above program may be a good fit for you.

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