Coorg in the Rains

Coorg in the rains!

We chose to travel by car from Bangalore to Orange County Resort in Coorg. In retrospect, it was a long winded route to take; Mangalore would have been a smarter idea! As it turned out, the drive was long, but it was worth every hour spent on the road. Coorg, or Kodagu, is home to the Kodavas, who were a warrior community. Kodagu was a separate state during British rule, but was merged into Karnataka after India’s independence. Not without reason, Kodagu is rated as one of the top hill station destinations in India.


Our first stop was Orange County, which turned out to be a haven of monsoon delight! The website of the hotel had used the words ‘bygone era of the Gentleman Planter’ and it could not have been more descriptive! Surrounded by coffee plantations, the resort was indeed a step back into another era. But the best part of the whole experience, was, of course, the rain! There’s something to be said for the lush, verdant greenery that only the monsoons bring to India.


Our Lily Pool Villa was wonderfully spacious, with a private plunge pool and a butler on call… truly the gentleman’s lifestyle! But it wasn’t all luxury and relaxation: A guided plantation walk turned out to be quite good exercise! Clad in knee high gumboots to ward off the mud and the monsoon bugs, we wandered the 300 acre coffee and spice plantation on foot… it was informative and interesting.


We sniffed the fragrant raw pods of cardamom, learned to identify the pepper plant and were told the difference between an Arabica and Robusta coffee. Of course, with the rain and the damp clothing, the hot cups of coffee afterwards were very much appreciated.


The chef at the restaurant was thrilled that we loved his signature Pandi curry, and was quite happy to part with the recipe. This dish is quintessentially Coorgi, and is basically a spicy pork curry, served with rice or rice rotis. Upon reading the recipe, I began to search the local markets for Kachumpuli, a special local vinegar that is essential for this Kodava dish.


A few days after the complete chill out in Orange County, complete with ayurvedic massages and treatments, we dove to Madikeri, up to the Taj Vivanta. We stopped at the Omkareshwara Temple, whose colourful legend includes an errant king and a vengeful Brahmin tuned Brahmarakshas! The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The Abby falls, also worth seeing, are located nearby. Flowing amidst coffee and spice plantations, the falls are on the early reaches of the Kaveri river.


The Taj Vivanta was  indeed impressive! Set is a vast rainforest, the entire area is delightfully green, with flora growing in wild abandon. The resort is constructed around the natural terrain, in a Coorgi style. Our cottage was accessed by buggy, but there was not much to be seen as we were literally inside the clouds! The main building features an infinity pool that, on a clear day, overlooks the entire verdant valet. Quite spectacular!


The Vivanta Conservatory is an interesting spot that preserves and narrates the history, culture and arts of Coorg. The three days were very pleasantly relaxed and chilled. Definitely recommending Coorg in the rains!







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