Mr. Vikram Singh Chauhan – Founder and CEO at Nile Hospitality

In this engaging interview, we dive into the world of hospitality with Mr. Vikram Singh Chauhan, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Nile Hospitality. Leading a diverse portfolio of hotels across India since 2018, Nile Hospitality has become a trailblazer in third-party hotel management. Mr. Chauhan shares his compelling journey from a top General Manager to an innovative entrepreneur, revealing the secrets behind the company’s strategic brand alignments and ambitious expansion plans.
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Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Chaya

Meet Mushtaq Ahmed Chaya, a Kashmiri entrepreneur who kept his cool and expanded his hotel network even when Kashmir wasn’t considered an attractive destination. Today, both his optimism and risk-taking spirit have been rewarded as Kashmir emerges as India’s most preferred destination
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From the Table of the CEO – WelcomHeritage: Abinash Manghani

WelcomHeritage Hotels is in a space whose time has come. The covid years thrust the “experiential travel” category into the mainstream with Indians choosing to take to road travel, to get away from cities to destinations as diverse as Rajasthan’s fabled Forts & Palaces, or to be with nature in India’s fledgling Wildlife destinations and hill stations amongst others. When borders reopened, inbound tourism further fueled this demand albeit to select destinations.

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This Month in LeaderSpeak: interview with Samit Sawhny, Founder, Barefoot Havelock

Our Tammie Anjali Tolani interviewed Samit Sawhny, Founder, Barefoot Havelock to learn what makes this two decades old resort the sustainability torch bearer on this island.

For context, here’s how the idea of Barefoot Havelock was conceived. Samit came to Havelock as a backpacker, in December 2001. Havelock, Andamans, had only recently been opened up to visitors, and he was blown by its beauty. Floating on his back in the sea off Beach No. 7 at Radhanagar, looking back towards shore, he saw crystal-clear water lapping gently on a broad sweep of powder-white sand, backed by dense green rainforest, and knew that this was it. He needed to create something that would add to the beauty of the island and that is how Barefoot was born! Here he answers some of the questions that largely centre around the beliefs that Barefoot Havelock holds dear and the ecological balance that needs to be respected in the space that the resort occupies. Read on! Continue reading “This Month in LeaderSpeak: interview with Samit Sawhny, Founder, Barefoot Havelock”

Shri Vittal Birdev Yatra, Pattankodoli – A Yellow Splash of Culture

Image courtesy: Dr. Arun Kumar Nalimela
The Pattankodoli Festival, though relatively obscure on the national stage, is an exuberant celebration that stands as one of Maharashtra’s most colorful Bhandara festivals. Nestled 17 kilometers from the historic town of Kolhapur, within the breathtaking embrace of the Panhala fort ranges and the Warana River, Pattankodoli comes alive each year during the Shri Vittal Birdev Yatra.

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