Mr. Vikram Singh Chauhan – Founder and CEO at Nile Hospitality

In this engaging interview, we dive into the world of hospitality with Mr. Vikram Singh Chauhan, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Nile Hospitality. Leading a diverse portfolio of hotels across India since 2018, Nile Hospitality has become a trailblazer in third-party hotel management. Mr. Chauhan shares his compelling journey from a top General Manager to an innovative entrepreneur, revealing the secrets behind the company’s strategic brand alignments and ambitious expansion plans.
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Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Chaya

Meet Mushtaq Ahmed Chaya, a Kashmiri entrepreneur who kept his cool and expanded his hotel network even when Kashmir wasn’t considered an attractive destination. Today, both his optimism and risk-taking spirit have been rewarded as Kashmir emerges as India’s most preferred destination
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