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Mumbai, India, Asia
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time

Analytical Personnel

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About this job

       Analyse the business as it exists 

       Cut and slice data to understand what we sell, to who and in what order of priority 

Pull out trends over the last few years to understand if we are moving in tandem with the market

Analyze marketing metrics to identify cause and effect relationships.

Analyze competitors and the OTA space on a regular basis.  Work closely with the marketing team to understand their requirements and provide inputs which will sharpen their strategies and promotion.

Conduct secondary research, including finding information from industry associations, statisticians and marketing experts.

Give the various teams a heads-up on which way the market will swing basis primary and secondary data and other factors that have an effect on our business.

Offer insights about product potentials and after launching products and packages – determine what worked and what did not in which of the markets.

Help identify new opportunities/new clients/new source markets basis secondary and primary research.